2019 RY28 S10 ROTAX MAX JR

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Birel ART
RY28 S10

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2019 RY28-S10 Homologation 32/CH/20

The RY28-S10 is inspired by its predecessor, with many championships wins all over the globe. Some new features will help you setup the kart for better performance.


Engine 125 Max Jr: More performance and perfect for juniors with karting experience. With the 125 Junior MAX evo engine, you can have your first international racing experience. Launched in 2000 and recommended for teenagers from 13 to 16 years.

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Wheels: In 2018, we introduce our new optional magnesium wheels (Mod. DM 130 + 212) LPC (Low Pressure Cast), manufactured with a particular fusion technology. The size will be different, especially in the rear with a wider total width and an off-set of 10mm.

Rear bumper: The S10 karts will come with the new rear KG CLOB model bumper.

Graphics: New 2019 sticker kit.

Brake system: The brake system remains the reliable FL01 caliper with a cast iron brake disc D.180 to improve braking and reduce wear.

Spindles: Spindle stays the classic 2 piece with the choice of 5 spindle stems giving the possibility to add or remove grip on the front of the chassis.

Rear Axle: We have introduced the new R rear axle which offers a very good lateral grip, good stability under braking and optimal traction while leaving the kart very free. The rear axles are now specifically produced for KF category with only 4 keys to prevent a weakness where the KZ keyway was.

Magnesium:  Optional front and rear hubs are available in magnesium. Fully machined rear short hubs d.40x100 mm or long d.50x115 mm double screw. Front hubs are 85mm long.


Engine 125 Jr Max:

Age: 13 - 16 years 

Race Class: national / international 

Maximum Performance: 17 kW / 23 hp at 8.500 rpm 

Maximum Torque: 19 Nm / 14 lb*ft at 8.500 rpm 

Weight: bare engine: 11,8 kg / 26,0 lbs              with complete power pack: 23,0 kg / 50,7 lbs 

Special Features: Junior cylinder without exhaust valve 

Power Pack: intake silencer, carburetor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay