Are you interested in partnering with the fastest growing brand in North America? Birel ART has already secured multiple championships in their branding and product relaunch with their reintroduction to the USA and Canadian Markets. With a streamlined inventory, and interchangeable components between the few models available, it makes it easy to stock parts as a retailer to better service your customers.

As our distribution grows across America and Canada, we take each new dealer region into consideration in order to not over saturate specific markets with two many retailers. With each application, we ask that you provide as much information as possible for us to do the necessary research to evaluate your market and contribution to the Birel ART Group.

With all distribution systems, the bottom line is the most important item for any company. We have established the best shipping rates with DHL and CBSA to ensure shipping costs do no take away from your margins as a dealer. Our state of the art ordering system allows dealers to efficiently get their parts on time, even with next day shipping available.

We welcome you to our team and to the Birel ART family.

Dominic Labrecque
President, PSL Karting | Birel ART North America

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