Team introduction

A brief overview

PSL Karting is the North American Importer and Race Team of Birel ART;
a nationally ranked karting team with the goal to promote Birel ART product successfully, and focus on young driver development.

Established in 1999, PSL has grown into a power house of a buisness, with one of the strongest karting distribution systems in North America, selling chassis?s, accessories, components and driver equipment specific to kart racing and formula cars.

Over the years, the team has taken off from a small shop, to a large warehouse/workshop with a full-time staff of professionals. In addition to the distribution, PSL has earned multiple Nationals and Regional karting championsips over the last 10 years, producing some of the best drivers in the world.

In 2015, PSL became affilated, in partnership, with Birel ART and All Road Management, a group responsible for the success of Formula 1 drivers such a Felipe Massa, Daniel Ricciardo, Pastor Maladonado and the late Jules Bianchi.

For the future, PSL will focus on the growth of Birel ART and the newly launched Ricciardo Kart in North America by creating a solid brand prescence fit for clients at all levels of karting & motorsport.

We welcome you to our team,

Signature Dominic Labrecque

Dominic Labrecque
President, PSL Karting

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Team culture

Our core values

  • Team work

    PSL works with a hand picked group of pressionals who work together as a team in the office, in the shop and at the track. Motorsport comes with the price of deadlines & pressure; we manage this on a daily basis, and integrate our drivers into this mentality.

  • Development

    Our focus is aimed at multiple levels of product knowledge, material exploration, human factors, engine development and competition in the karting market. Our facility allows us to complete controlled tests in order to improve product sustainability.

  • Dedication

    During a track weekend, clients will find PSL engineers striving for that extra tenth using every possible resource available. Our search for speed, perfection and quality is never ending. PSL extends this mentality into all aspects of the company ensuring concrete relationships and commitments are made to our partners and drivers.

Raceteam system

Race winning methods

PSL?s world famous race-system is ranked as one of the best in the industry, yeilding championships and wins throughout each season while competitng at the highest possible level. We offer a variety of services which make up the core of our program.

  • Logistics

    Transportation services, including one (1) chassis, one (1) trolley, (1) 36?x24? box, two (2) sets of tires and (1) one small tool box.

  • Arrive & drive

    Complete Birel ART chassis, trolley, data, engine, pitspace and all necessary parts for adjustment. Mechanic, catering, transport and hotels can also be arranged for an additional cost.

  • Engine rental

    Our in house team of specialist and partnerships with engine builders (GKS, P1, Sargeant, Swedetech) across the world, allows us to hand pick our supplier based on the engine platform to best suit our clients needs.

  • Telemetry

    Utilising the best on-board kart data system, the Unipro Data Logger is able to accurately build the drivers laps into a practical graph that can be analyzed on a computer. This increases the opportunity of gaining additional speed throughout a lapping session.

Driver development

Race winning methods

PSL takes each drivers, and integrates them as an important asset to the team. We believe our drivers and clients will build a concrete understanding of motorsport, telemetry, communication, personal presentation and providing feedback to engineers after working with our team.

The transition to a professional organization can be a huge leap in one?s career. With mutiple drivers and specialists, it can be an integeral part of their growth to understand how to manage a variety of situations. PSL will work with each driver individually and collectively to ensure they understand all aspects of the kart, engine, track and personal management.

In addition, PSL can liason drivers to the ART driver program with All Road Management for a fully planned career in motorsports using ART?s system.

Winning history

About Birel ART

Karting became popular throughout Europe at the end of the fifties. The craftsmen who started building the first chassis in Italy called them ?cancelli?, ?gates?, due to their weight and size. Umberto Sala in those days was managing a car and motorcycle shop in Lissone, near Milan.

He opened a small light metalurgy workshop and started to make his first karts for fun. Sala had compete in motorcycle and car races (including two editions of the Mille Miglia) and karting was a way to release his passion for engines and competitions. Sala?s chassis were called ?Birel? which was the family?s nickname (in Lissone Sala family members are known as the ?Birel?, with the stress on the letter ?e?).

The first Birel Kart driver was Guido Sala, Umberto?s brother, who had competed in top level motorcycle races in the past.

One of the driver who contributed to affirming Birel on tracks world-wide is Oscar Sala, Umberto?s son, who would become the company?s future number one driver.