Making the trek to Las Vegas for the third annual ROK Cup USA ROK the RIO, BirelART North America has entered more than twenty-eight drivers in this weekend's competition. Set to take on the biggest ROK Cup race in North America, a stacked list of competitors across the BirelART North America dealer network are looking to be named ROK the RIO champions.

"We have drivers from nine different dealers racing in Las Vegas this weekend," expressed Dominic Labrecque. "It is great to see the support and growth of the BirelART product line throughout the country and this is a direct result of our dealer network. We are looking to finish the season strong and that starts this weekend with the ROK engine platform."

ROK the RIO Driver List

Mini ROK    
Wade Pearce BirelART Prime Powerteam
Caleb Gafrarar BirelART PSL Karting
Junior ROK    
Logan Toke Charles Leclerc PSL Karting
Senior ROK    
Filip Niemkiewicz BirelART Performance Kartsports
Patrick Woods-Toth BirelART Prime Powerteam
Thomas Nepveu BirelART PSL Karting
Daniel Fellows BirelART Prime Powerteam
Shifter ROK    
Jake French BirelART PSL Karting
Vincenzo Sarracino BirelART PSL Karting
Josh Weis BirelART PSL Karting
Davide Greco BirelART PSL Karting
Graig Alvarez BirelART PSL Karting
Michael Stevens BirelART PSL Karting
Anthony Freese BirelART PSL Karting
Cooper Becklin Charles Leclerc PSL Karting
Shifter Master    
Brett Harrelson Charles Leclerc Nash Motorsportz
Ryan Kinnear Ricciardo Phil Giebler Racing
Jordon Musser BirelART PSL Karting
Nathan Stewart Charles Leclerc PSL Karting
Nicolas Bedard BirelART PSL Karting
Ronald Morgan Ricciardo Phil Giebler Racing
ROK Master    
Chad Wallace Charles Leclerc PSL Karting
Vatche Tatikian Ricciardo Phil Giebler Racing
100CC Master    
Terry Giffen BirelART MDG
100CC. Junior    
Preston Lambert BirelART Alex Keys Racing
Ryan Vincent Ricciardo Phil Giebler Racing
Jack Schrady Ricciardo Nevada Kartsport
100CC Senior    
Mathieu Cousineau BirelART Ben Cooper Racing


Labrecque continued, "We were already on track yesterday but today is important with qualifying. We are looking forward to a great weekend of racing."

To follow your favorite BirelART North American driver, please download the ROK Cup USA app for live timing.

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Photos: Canadian Karting News