Date April 13, 2017

Location: Orlando, FL


Orlando ROK Cup, Ryan Norberg (ROK SR) of PSL Karting competed with Andersen Karting, the Florida based Birel ART team and dealer, teamed with Mathias Ramirez (ROK Shifter) to put the #redarmy machines on front row at the tight circuit of Orlando Kart Center last weekend.


Ryan Norberg has been unstoppable this season, and went on to take the lead in many aspect of the event as usual, with heat wins, fast laps and poles, eventually ending with the win.  Unfortunetely, a few drivers still need to earn their respect in the Senior ranks before they are able to successfully compete with the veterans of the category, making for some very unnecessary and dangerous on track maneuvers.  In the final Norberg was able to pull away and take the win aboard his RY-30-S8B chassis.  Ryan also won another ticket to the ROK Cup final in Italy, as well as the ROK Cup Florida Championship.


Mathias Ramirez (Andersen) would also show mega speed and success throughout the weekend, even beating ex-formula 1 driver, Rubens Barichello, who has been quick all year in the ROK Shifter.  Mathias, who has now only been driving the shifter for a short time, had a very misfortunate technical error, one in which can happen easily with the Bridgestone tire, causing a small delay for Mathias on the grid.  Despite the handicapp, Mathias demonstrated his pure strength and driving ability on his CRY-30-S8 Birel ART Chassis. A huge congratulations goes to Mathias, despite not receiving hardware for the win.


Also notable performance by Rodrigo Ospina, who finished 3rd and second in the ROK Masters Championship.  For more information about PSL Karting, contact