PSL Karting and UNIPRO collaborate to host product seminar on January 21 at the first round of the Florida Winter Tour.

Hosted by UNIPRO representative Claus Mortesen, the event will run from 6 to 8pm under the PSL Karting's large canopy.  Introducing a new and innovative demonstration technique, Mortesen and his team are keen to introduce the next generation of UNIPRO and "UNIGO" lap timers.  The seminar will also showcase many of the useful features on the laptimer, to enhance the experience for the customer. The evening will conclude with a special preview of the future of UNIPRO and its latest developments.

Combining sensors, a large projector, and an iPad, UNIPRO is able to simulate its products, and give attendees of the seminar a deeper look into the products and their features.

PSL Karting president Dominic Labrecque expresses his excitement about holding the seminar "UNIPRO is one of the most advanced systems available for karting. It's important that our customers understand and get the most out of the products."

The agenda for the seminar is as follows.
*    Introduction
*    The history of UNIPRO
*    Product overview and demonstration
*    Important and unusual features
*    Product status
*    New developments coming in the future

UNIPRO and PSL have experienced a successful relationship over the past few years. Growing from a small Danish technological company to a worldwide leader in data acquisition, UNIPRO has found its way on to every PSL Karting team member, and its products are actively promoted and sold through PSL Karting. Those interested in attending the event are urged to contact