Tillett T5 REV VG

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Tillett T5 REV VG
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This was the seat used by Wade Cunningham to win the 2003 World Championship at Sarno.
Unlike the fully covered T5, the T5 Reverse has a smooth inside, this allows uncovered 1/4 and ½ covered seats to be produced in the popular T5 shape. The XScd T5 Rev size is popular with the 10 to 11 year old Cadet/Mini kart drivers and now there is also a new C size available for tall thin Cadets and a Ccd T5 for the shorter cadet driver who wants to use a flat bottomed seat.

Because it was made off the back of the T5 moulds, equivalent size T5 Reverse seats will be slightly larger than the standard T5 moulding. For example; the size of a ML T5 Reverse falls in between the ML and L sizes in other shapes. Drivers with wide hips often prefer the T5 Reverse shape.


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