Tillett T-11T

Tillett T-11T
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The T11 is the seat shape most often used by the professional teams. With young drivers growing ever taller, there was a need to lower the body weight. We designed the T11 range to obtain an even lower driving position than the T5, whilst at the same time keeping an upright shoulder position, which allows a driver to retain full control of their kart without upsetting the weight distribution. The flat area on the bottom of the seat is larger than the T5 and the back angle is 58 degrees.

The rigidities available in the new style T11 are the ones mostly used in today's karts. The super flexible VTi often used in the Minikarts, the flexible T11VG used in Rotax Max. Also we have the mid range rigidity, the T11t which is very popular for all classes nowadays. This "t" stiffness sits between the flexible VG and Standard T11 which is also available made by the new process.


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