Ricciardo DR-­AM29Y 2018

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Ricciardo DR-­AM29Y
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Especially made for 4-stroke categories, this chassis is made of 28 and 30mm tubing. It's main charasteristic is the possibility to adjust the wheelbase to three positions: 1020 - 1030 - 1040mm. This allows the kart to adapt easily to different categories, specifically the ones with low power and medium-hard tires. The DR-AM29 has improved in 2018 with a new brake disc.

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Brake system The DR-AM29 2018 has a new improved brake system, allowing the driver to stop on a shorter distance and have a better pedal feeling.

Spindles: Two mounting points are available on the spindles giving driver and mechanics more options to get the right setup. 

Rear Axle: A variety of 4 axles are available for this chassis.

Graphic kit: Ricciardo graphic kit.

Spécifications techniques

28/30mm chassis

40x3x1040mm axle

Adjustable ride height

Adjustable wheelbase

Adjustable camber|caster pills (0,5 or 1,5°)

Front hubs: 17x70MM

Rear hubs: 40x100mm

Black magnesium wheels

Ricciardo graphic kit