BirelART CRY32-S8

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B-CRY-32 S8
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Developed specifically for the shifter category, CRY32-S8 has undergone some structural changes to make it more versatile and improve performance. Furthermore, it will come as standard with the new gear lever mounted on roller bearings and with adjustable off-set, to improve it's operation and optimise it's position for each driver.

*Roller chassis does not come with tires


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Brake system The brake systems were updated both in the mixture of brake pads and in the treatment, especially the cast iron brake disc D.180 to improve the breaking and the wear.

Spindles: The spindle remains the classic ?2 pieces? with the introduction of a new thicker spindle stem made out of a more noble material with better characteristics. The main goal of the "H" stems will be to give more insertion increasing the grip on the front of the chassis.

Gear lever: The S8 chassis features a new vertical adjustable gear lever mounted on rollers allowing more precise shifting and offering the driver multiple position for maximum efficience and comfort.

Rear Axle: A variety of 8 axles are available for this chassis. We introduced the new ?R? axle that stands out for its very good side seal, good stability under braking and optimal traction while leaving the kart very ?free?. From now on, the rear axles will be specifically produced for KZ categories with only 4 keyways (for inner crown) and a reinforce inside sleeve where the crown is fixed. The sizes of the KZ axles is 50x2x1040mm.

Graphic kit: All the racing karts will have new Birel ART ?EVO? graphics, revised and improved for a modern and trendy look.

Magnesium: New fully machined 50x115 mm double screws magnesium hubs were introduced brigning more versatility to the standard factory 50x90 mm. There is always the possibiliy to order the karts in ?FACTORY? version with both front and rear (50x90) magnesium hubs.

After testing, we recommend clients the use of the Tillett T-11t as an accessory for soft compound tires (MG yellow/white, VEGA white).

Spécifications techniques

30mm chassis

50x2x1040mm axle

Front brake system

Adjustable ride height

Adjustable camber|caster pills (0,5 or 1,5°)

Front hubs: 25x85mm or 25x100mm

Rear hubs: 50x90mm or 50x115mm

4 Spindle stems hardness (from soft to hard): F - B - M - K

Adjustable gear lever

Black magnesium wheels

BirelART EVO graphic kit