BirelART AM-29 Y 2017 w/ Briggs LO-206

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Especially made for 4-stroke categories, this chassis is made of 28 and 30mm tubing. It's main charasteristic is the possibility to adjust the wheelbase to three positions: 1010 - 1020 - 1030mm. This allows the kart to adapt easily to different categories, specifically the ones with low power and medium-hard tires. The AM29 has improved in 2017 with a new brake disc and bearing cassette holder. The complete package includes the well known LO-206 engine.

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Brake system The AM29 2017 has a new improved brake system, allowing the driver to stop on a shorter distance and have a better pedal feeling.

Spindles: BirelART came up with a brand new design of the spindles for the 2016 chassis. Two mounting points are available on the spindles giving driver and mechanics more options to get the right setup. 

Rear Axle: A variety of 4 axles are available for this chassis.

Graphic kit: All the racing karts will have the 2017 graphic kit.

Spécifications techniques

28/30mm chassis

40x3x1040mm axle

Adjustable ride height

Adjustable wheelbase

Adjustable camber|caster pills (0,5 or 1,5°)

Front hubs: 17x70MM

Rear hubs: 40x100mm

Black magnesium wheels

BirelART EVO graphic kit

Briggs LO-206 package includes:*

Sprocket #35 or #219

DID chain #35 or #219